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Reboli Art Center

I still can not believe how this came out.  We asked REC Films one week before we were having our grand opening to put together a video that showcases the foundation of the Reboli Center.  I don’t think any of us expected this level of quality in the amount of time they were given.  We are so proud of this.

The Reboli Center


The Reboli Center asked for our services seven days before the due date to create a video that showcased the foundation of the art center as well as pay respect to the artist it showcases.

During the week, the center would be setting up the gallery in preparation for the grand opening just days away.  We took it upon ourselves to be apart of that process by documenting the set up, filming in the home of Joe Reboli and the accompanying areas his work is so heavily influenced on.

The Ribbon Cutting Ceremony took place just 24 hours before the Grand opening and we required that footage to tell our story.  Gathering this last bit of footage just hours before the deadline, we delivered what you see below you to a modest crowd who all love and respect the work and establishment that is the Reboli Center.

Shot in 4K