REC FILMS EXECUTIVE CARD is for the individual who is constantly building their brand.  Allowing you to receive member only discounts, packages and money back for any and all services from REC Films.




Each Card has a unique number that is linked to your account.  Every time you work with us, it will be added to your total for each business quarter.  This amount can be used towards future projects or as a savings account which will be cashed out on the first of March, June, September & December.


One Time Purchase for the Year
  • Receive $10 back for every $100 spent with REC FILMS
  • Use your credit each quarter towards your project or receive a check totaling the amount you saved
  • Receive special promo offers only available to members
  • Sign up today and receive a free 20% Off REC FILMS Gift Card
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Free 20% Off Gift Card for every card purchase.  Valid for the entire year of 2017, so when you’re ready to grow your brand, we’ll be ready for you.